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Are you the entrepreneurial type with a strong sales focus with many years of business experience and are now ready to take the next step toward self-employment? All you need is the right concept for starting up your own business?

Then we would like to introduce you to the business model and licensing system developed by NetGuide Terminals Management GmbH!

Who is NetGuide Terminals? NetGuide Terminals Management GmbH offers:

Info Terminals to be set up at highly frequented locations such as hotels and public facilities.

These public terminals are installed free of charge at select locations.
The concept comprises a system with tourist information. The terminals provide interested users with local information from the area around the respective terminal location. Such information may include the following: excursion destinations, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, medical care, etc. This provides interested users with access to up-to-date news, event dates and highlights from the area.

The terminals provide multi-language information to ensure that international guests are also able to take advantage of the full scope of the system.

The information can be retrieved using a touch screen and can be printed directly at the terminal in the form of a coupon which also includes directions to the location.
Our market surveys have shown that guests coming from out of town often do not have the time to get advance information on possible leisure activities such as visiting restaurants, bars, shopping museums, etc.

The underlying business model for our cooperation partners can be described in a few sentences.
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Benefit from this unique business concept!
A new product characterized by low cost and high effectiveness for advertisers!