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Your benefits from using the NetGuide terminal

    • Added value for your guests!

    Offer your guests an impressive link to local businesses and attractions in your community. With NetGuide, your guests will appreciate this easy access to a wealth of information and will leave with a lasting impression of your establishment.


    • Make it easy on your staff!

    One of the services that your hotel offers includes recommending local attractions and other businesses as well as giving guests instructions on how to get there. This takes up the valuable time of your staff. Our terminals make it easier by making recommendations and answering common questions regarding area information precisely and clearly. This means less time and work for your employees!


    • Information for the guests in many different languages

    Our terminal speaks many languages. If desired by the businesses in your terminal, not only is the user interface translated on our terminals - the content is as well! So foreign guests can use the terminal in their native language without language challenges. This will add an international flair to your hotel.


    • No more unsightly collections of flyers or brochures

    With our terminals, you can get rid of those loose collections of flyers and the need to refill and tidy up brochure racks. The terminal bundles all of this information and provides your guests with a wide range of offers with destinations in your local area.


    • Very little set-up area required

    The NetGuide terminal can get by with less than 2 ft² of set-up area. You can save space by removing unsightly brochure racks and adding this elegant terminal to your hotel lobby.


    • Up-to-the-minute information for your guests

    In addition to the businesses, the terminal also provides up-to-the-minute information for your guests such as weather information and special events coming up in your area.